November 2019

Log Cabin

1878 Log cabin: with hand hewn, squared logs, full-dovetail corners and original 1878 shallow roof covered by a protective roof. In 1924 John Lorang asked his neighbor if he could preserve the log cabin which was no longer being used. He was able to number the logs and carry it piece by piece over the …

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Curio Cabin

1880’s Early Natural Science Curio cabin Museum: John Lorang had his own roadside Museum in 1913, which he advertised with business cards and flyers. Many visitors knew of his wonderful taxidermy collections and other curios. Most of the taxidermy items were donated in 1953 to the University of Idaho and are now at the WSU …

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1898 Barn: According to the journals there was a regular barn dance to celebrate the raising of this barn. John Lorang’s 1897-1903 journal describe the materials, daily tasks in completing the barn and overall costs. We also have several artistic Agricultural photographs which tell of discing, seeding and harvesting 1898-1920, which can be viewed in …

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This National Historical site 1873-1904 Farmhouse has several rooms which showcase different eras. 1st Floor Farm Kitchen: An original Kitchen, with a 1919 Majestic Wood stove and 100 years of recipes, in books and pamphlets; for you to look through. This kitchen was originally part of a neighbor’s farmhouse and was added in 1890. It …

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Henry’s WWI Story

A Genesee Man Share His Reminisces By Henry Lorang (Taken from The Genesee News January 12, 1968) That time would take one back to the 1917-18 era when all of Western Europe was facing a common formidable foe at the command of Kaiser Wilhelm of the German Empire who dreamed nothing impossible by overcoming nation …

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Martha’s Journal

By Martha (Lorang) Johnson Compiled in the Spring of 1985 John Lorang and Mary A. Gesellchen married in Mount Calvary, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin – 11:00 a.m., February 19, 1884. Shortly after, they migrated to Colton, Washington, via train to Riparia, Washington, and up the Snake River by riverboat to Lewiston, Idaho, then up …

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1441912 Surrey

Photo by John Lorang on a cold winter day. The four seated surrey beside the farmhouse. Back: Amalia and Christine. Front: Barney and Henry. With two horses. Can you see them both?