A c.1873-1904 Historical Farmhouse, an 1878 Log Cabin and a c.1880’s Curio cabin which was used as an Early Natural Science Museum 1913-1926.  All listed on the National Historical Registry in Jan. 2004.  Here is John Lorang in the 1914 Latah County Atlas with the Farmhouse, Fountain and Chair he built. The chair was partially grown first. The Fountain is attached to a hand-dug aqueduct that reaches over 1/2 mile. 


Beginning in 1898, John Lorang discovered his passion for photography. Starting with agricultural photos, he began taking photos of Genesee and then traveled with his favorite Ansco camera to Europe and the Middle East in 1910. John’s interest in photography grew and he left hundreds of photographs by the time of his death in 1926. Son Henry and grandson Dan Lorang preserved John’s photographs and added their own. Here you will also find photographs of the Restoration process, Students volunteer work and Events. 


John and Mary Lorang traveled West from Wisconsin in 1884, carrying their parents notes and their own love letters. From this time on journals were kept by several members of the family. Almost daily life for 140 years of American History is journaled from the perspective of John, his wife Mary and the children’s own writings. 


This family of serious Historians documented their own and their parent’s lives dating back to early 18th century Luxembourg, France and 15th century Germany and Netherlands.                    You can find this history here. 


Beginning in 1884 when John and Mary were married, all receipts and many magazines, books and newspapers were kept. Land and other records describe life in detail during Homesteading, the Great Depression, WWI and WWII and every era in between and up until the Moon Landing in 1969.  Later records were judiciously preserved as well. 

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