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  • Very early books were found in the Log cabin in 2003. For later papers, we have preserved Idaho Territorial land records and receipts. In 1884, the land was patented from the United States under President Chester A. Arthur. George Jameson bought the property in 1884, then rented the land to John and Mary Lorang in 1885. In 1886 John and Mary Lorang bought the land from George Jameson. All papers were saved.
  • In 1890, brothers John and Theodore Lorang purchased an additional 160 acres from friend William J. White. The spring on the property was the White Spring and the name White Spring Ranch was adopted. John and Mary bought another 80 acres in 1892 and the papers were saved. Early magazines and newspapers began to be preserved.
  • In 1904 John Lorang had built the new addition to the Farmhouse. The first thing he did was arrange for a phone and saved the receipts. Though we have many books and magazines from earlier eras, this is when the serious collecting began. Items were found with notes attached to the boxes to explain their significance.
  • In 1910, John and Mary Lorang took a 6 month trip to Europe and the Middle East, saving receipts, brochures and other papers. Newspapers are being saved now when Henry Lorang serves in England during WWI. Upon returning from England and France after WWI, Henry Lorang married his sweetheart Marguerite Tobin. Books, magazines, newspapers abound for this era until John passes away in 1926.
  • The collection grows even more here. Items were found in the Log cabin and Curio cabin that detail American life during the Great Depression, the Radio Era and WWII. Each item represents a large collection of that year or subject. Jim and John were serving in the Navy. Tragedy struck when Henry and Marguerite's oldest son Bob Lorang went down in the Sea of Japan in 1946, before getting home from WWII.
  • Post WWII brought a lot of changes to America. It is all documented here through daily newspapers, magazines and memorabilia. Janet and Dan Lorang were married in 1965 and continued to save artifacts. In 2003, restoration began. White Spring Ranch was listed on the National Historical Registry. We were approved as a Non-profit Association and events were now being held to help raise funds for the restoration.

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