We welcome you to join with our volunteers to help sustain and improve White Spring Ranch

Students and faculty from Washington State University (WSU) and University of Idaho (Uof I) are actively engaged in projects at the museum. They support the museum with activities such as constructing buildings, cataloging thousands of artifacts, designing a new website and special protects. Students have constructed an artifact storage building, an outhouse and have made many improvements to existing structures. Their support is essential in making the museum an attractive place to visit and learn of early Idaho history.      WSU Volunteer Site        U of I Volunteer Site 

Friends and family volunteer year-round at the ranch and especially on Memorial Day weekend which is a time for major projects that draw supporters from around the country to assist restoration. Since 2004 these long-weekend project have brought the farmstead nearly back to its original condition. And the work continues…..

Volunteers are needed to assist with promoting the museum, sorting artifacts, maintaining the property, volunteer coordination, grant writing, construction and special projects.  Join with us to share in the camaraderie of serving with a dedicated group of volunteers that preserve our history.

Contact Curator Diane Conroy at 208-416-1006 diana_conroy@hotmail.com to learn how you can become involved. Your help would be much appreciated.