This home began with a small 1884 homestead with a pretty bay window. Later additions came from salvaging the neighbor’s farmhouse, which was c.1873.  In 1904, all sections of the home were moved like blocks, so the bay window would face the road and the new 1904 addition was built,  creating a rural Folk Victorian farmhouse which left the earlier homes intact. John created a two-story farm home with upper and lower balconies, in a Folk Victorian style, with Queen Anne details and left a journal to tell the story. . 


The historical 1898 barn is still private property, but can be photographed or painted from a distance.

We have early journals beginning in 1897 that explain how it was built and the cost of materials. The archives include several artistic early agricultural photographs by pioneer John Lorang.  

Curio Cabin

This Natural Science Curio Museum was advertised by John Lorang in the 1910’s, with cards and flyers and had many visitors. Many items were donated in 1953 to the University of Idaho and are now at WSU’s Conner Museum. This building is now dedicated for children interested in science.

Log Cabin

This 1878 Log cabin shows hand hewn squared logs, full-dovetail corners and an original roof; which is covered by a protective roof. Provenance of the cabin was discovered in the journals  by a U of Idaho student in 2007 and by Les Lorang in 2020. Built by neighbor master carpenter, Goswin Sievert.  Moved piece by numbered piece to White Spring Ranch in 1924, by John Lorang 66 yrs, and his son Charles, 22 yrs. 

Little House Day is recreated for children and families every September. 

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