Journals written by Lorang family members and friends
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  • John Lorang and Mary Gesellchen parents were both interested in and knew the importance of History. Stories were handed down through the family. And we did reach a point where they could be corroborated with research in later years.
  • John and Mary Lorang travelled to Europe and the Middle East in 1910. There are several more documents and stories of this pioneer couple.
  • Martha Lorang wrote a journal of growing up on the Farm in 1985. Her delightful journal is now available with descriptive photographs at local libraries of Lewiston, Genesee and Moscow.
  • Henry Lorang served with the 247 th American Expeditionary Corp. in Shrewsbury, England; working on the fabric wings of Aeroplanes. He and others were sent to the trenches in France in November of 1918, They arrived in camp on Nov. 11, 1918. Armistice Day.
  • Bea Lorang Jacobs, daughter of Barney Lorang, wrote a journal with times at the Ranch with her grandfather John. Several of the other grandchildren are mentioned in articles from the Genesee News.
  • Dan and Janet Lorang worked hard to preserve the history of the Farm. Dan described the early buildings that had been lost and recorded as much history as possible.
  • Diane Conroy, grand daughter of Barney Lorang has written articles for the Home & Harvest magazine, edited and produced by Heather and Tony Niccoli. Some of the earlier articles are included. New articles continue to be written and can be picked up locally for free.
  • Several other journals and stories have been found on the Farm. The Genesee Newspaper saved here also include several more stories. This is a sampling.

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