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  • Mary Gesellchen and John Lorang saved all of their courting letters. Half of them where transcribed from Old German by Horst Reil, thanks to a grant from Idaho Humanities. Letters where also preserved from Mary's Gesellchen cousins that told of their fears of crossing the great ocean while immigrating to America. John Lorang preserved an 1877 letter in his wallet about Homesteading in the U.S.
  • John and Mary Lorang traveled to Europe and the Middle East in 1910. Several letters were shared back and forth and preserved. There are also other letters from this era from friends and family.
  • Henry Lorang, son of John and Mary served in the 247th Expeditionary Force in 1918. Several letters preserved by Pvt. Henry Lorang and his fiance' Margarite Tobin were found in a cigar box, with Henry's note on top. Other letters from John and Mary Lorang to Henry and the other children are included.
  • John Lorang passed away in 1926 and Mary Lorang moved to Spokane to be with her children in 1928. Mary writes home to Henry as the Great Depression begins.
  • The Great Depression hits the Genesee area about 1931. Henry Lorang preserved all of his letters, which detail those day to day struggles.
  • Henry Lorang had three boys who served during WWI and the Korean War. Bob Lorang, the oldest did not return, but went down in the Sea of Japan in 1946. Dan Lorang served on the U.S.S. Valley Forge and in Guam during the Korean War. Here are the many letters that the boys wrote home. Sister, Joan Lorang, also volunteered to write letters to soldiers during WWII and received many in return.
  • In 1965, Dan Lorang married Janet Shollenberger and raised two boys. Janet and her mother, Lois, wrote numerous letters that were preserved. The Restoration letters will also be preserved here.
WWII letter with Censor cut.

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