This National Historical site 1873-1904 Farmhouse has several rooms which showcase different eras.

1st Floor

Farm Kitchen: An original Kitchen, with a 1919 Majestic Wood stove and 100 years of recipes, in books and pamphlets; for you to look through. This kitchen was originally part of a neighbor’s farmhouse and was added in 1890. It actually dates as far back as 1873. In the corner is a special display cabinet of multiple eras of children’s small toys.

Washroom: An original room, also part of the addition in 1890; the neighbor’s farmhouse and dates back to about 1873. This room has a well under the floor, a loft and steps where the children used to sleep. The other side of the room has steps to an old upstairs which was originally used for the children, then later the hired hands. You’ll find markings of dates, names and times worked written on the walls by workmen. There is also a closet which was used as a darkroom. When opening the house, we found 1930’s photography equipment in this closet, but could have been used before this as a darkroom.

Old Homestead Room: The entire early Homestead home from 1884, with a bay window. Collection includes Native American literature, dozens of early books and view of the 1913 handmade fountain. The first photograph of Genesee by Thomas Lorang, brother to John Lorang can also be seen here. And Idaho’s only photograph of Silcott Rd., the first pioneer road up Lewiston Hill; taken by John Lorang in 1912.

Dining Room: with John Lorang photography samples, Genesee school artifacts, Comic collections, Movie magazines, U of Idaho and WSU artifacts. Also includes two very special highchairs made by John Lorang and the Journal book which contains the first page of 160 years of journals found on site.

Library: with several Local newspaper stories and Pamphlets of every description, Genesee and Latah County books. Also 1917 and 1918 letters written by Mary Lorang to her son Henry when he was in WWI, since this was originally Mary’s sewing room where she wrote these letters.

Parlor: with examples of Photography by John Lorang, including samples of photos from the 6 month European Trip; taken by John & Mary Lorang in 1910. Collection includes WWI memorabilia saved by Henry Lorang, son of John, including journals, newspapers and artifacts. You will see two more chairs made by John Lorang, one out of an apple tree, the story of which is inscribed on the bottom of the chair and as was popular in 1900, a chair of cow horns and elk legs. The piano and sheet music collection is in the corner.

Children’s Room: with the 1905 Signature Hand-painted Quilt and several eras of children’s toys and books found on site.

Entry way Hallway: The first thing you will notice is the hand turned stairway posts and the lathe that was used to make them in 1904. Under the stairway is an original cubbyhole for letters, documents and receipts. 200 letters were found here by U of Idaho students in 2004. Now includes some original receipts and some copies to represent what had been found here, including many early Genesee business receipts.

(2nd Floor) 4 bedrooms.

Child’s Room: 1920’s-1930’s . This room represents the 1920’s and 1930’s with the Great Depression newspapers, pamphlets, artifacts, journals and magazines, including Genesee News.

Post WWII Room: 1950’s-1960’s. Collection includes Space Program, Civil Rights, Korean War, Kennedy and Cold War and Vietnam newspapers and pamphlets, including Genesee News and Gazette.

Women’s Room: 1904-1960’s. This room honors the Nurses, Teachers and Home Keepers in the family. Several books, magazines, newspapers and artifacts of several eras, related to Women’s History.

Boys room: 1918 and 1940’s. You’ll find an enormous collection of WWII newspapers 1938-1945, including Genesee News. One iron bed showcases WWI and the other WWII.