Log Cabin

1878 Log cabin: with hand hewn, squared logs, full-dovetail corners and original 1878 shallow roof covered by a protective roof. In 1924 John Lorang asked his neighbor if he could preserve the log cabin which was no longer being used. He was able to number the logs and carry it piece by piece over the small hill North of his White Spring Ranch site. The journals say that John and Mary Lorang, their son Charles and some grandchildren, went over the hill to have a picnic, then Charles, 22 yrs old, helped John, 66 yrs old, move the logs into the wagon. When setting it up again, John used horses and pulleys to lift the logs. The pulleys were found in the log cabin and the hoist was found in the woods. The replacement of logs would have been somewhat difficult, since each log had wooden pegs and holes to connect them. These wooden pegs can still be seen behind the chinking if you look closely. We have provenance on the neighbor, builder and master carpenter, Goswin Sievert, which was discovered in the journals by a U of Idaho student in 2007. The final determination of 1878 was thanks to Les Lorang who returned one of John Lorang’s journals to the Ranch after it had been handed down in Charles’ family.