Curio Cabin

1880’s Early Natural Science Curio cabin Museum: John Lorang had his own roadside Museum in 1913, which he advertised with business cards and flyers. Many visitors knew of his wonderful taxidermy collections and other curios. Most of the taxidermy items were donated in 1953 to the University of Idaho and are now at the WSU Conner Museum. This building still holds some remaining collections and is dedicated to children who are interested in Science. There are several adult displays also with the Cane collection, handmade by John Lorang, the early photographs and a Native American collection. (Which has been shown to the Nez Perce tribal authorities.) This building is somewhat of a mystery as we found letters that indicate that John remodeled it around 1918. Was it the first home on the property? before the 1884 Homestead with the bay window? It very well could have been. We have circumstantial evidence with the 1880’s style corner door, the 1880’s era key to the door, the very old worn boards seen when reroofing and the quality stone chimney. In 1918, John did not have the skills for this kind of masonry as seen by his first stone pillar of the three pillars in the front of the house. As seen by the work on the original stone chimney added to the Log cabin in 1924. There is also an earlier lock keyhole on the old door, which would only be able to lock from the inside. A definite sign that this building was a home at sometime, possibly dating back to 1879, since the site was patented in 1884. Someday we’ll know for sure.