1001927, Henry's Journal
09 June 2020, 11:01
Henry and Marguerite had their first child in 1920. Here their 6th child is born.
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2001933 Sheriff's Letter
14 June 2020, 02:25
Henry and his mother Mary Lorang, later made arrangements to sell some of John’s taxidermy items...
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3001933 Eggs for a Baby
14 June 2020, 02:40
Henry Lorang paid with eggs for the birth of more than one of his children. Here it is in exchange for...
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4001934 Mary Lorang's Letter
14 June 2020, 02:45
Here is an excerpt of a long Christmas letter, describing how Mary lost her money in the bank during...
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4101934, Joseph Honecker Museum Letter
14 June 2020, 02:56
When Henry and his Mother Mary were very worried about paying taxes during the Great Depression, they...
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4201940, Marguerite to Henry
21 June 2020, 12:14
Henry was often in the hospital after his service in WWI. According to his journals, the paint stiffener...
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4301942, Marguerite to the Children
21 June 2020, 12:25
In 1942, Marguerite spent 4 months in the hospital. She had suffered from her childhood with mild bipolar...
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4401943, Fort McDowell, Headquarters to Martha Lorang
21 June 2020, 12:40
Martha Lorang had lost her boyfriend of the time, Micheal Tierney, to the Bataan Death March. There is...
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4451944, Soldier's Letter to Joan
21 June 2020, 13:01
Joan Lorang acted as a Pen Pal to soldier’s in WWII. Many returned her letters. Here is one on...
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4461944, July Jim Lorang, V-Mail to father Henry.
21 June 2020, 13:17
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4471945, March Soldier's Letter to Joan
21 June 2020, 13:44
This one had to be censored.
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4501946, Last Letter from Bob
21 June 2020, 12:48
Bob Lorang and Sammy Soto’s airplane rests off the coast of Japan. Efforts are being made by the...
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