0701890 Homestead with additions
19 May 2020, 20:45
In 1890, John Lorang and his brother Theodore combined efforts to buy a piece of land just South of the...
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074Thomas Lorang
21 June 2020, 00:11
This photograph is most likely c.1918, but have placed it next to Thomas’ March 30, 1890 photo...
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075Genesee March 30, 1890
27 May 2020, 21:57
Photo by Thomas Lorang, younger brother of John. Labeling by Earl Bennett, Genesee
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080Homestead in 1893
27 May 2020, 11:21
Photo by John Lorang. L-R: Peter, Albert, Mary Lorang and Barney, Christine and Amalia.
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081.51896 Genesee Graduates
16 June 2020, 18:58
The 1935 Genesee News ran a photograph of the 1896 Graduates of Genesee High School. This newspaper was...
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0811897 Gathering at the Homestead
08 June 2020, 17:57
Here are Gesellchen and Lorang family members and friends. John’s daughter Martha Lorang identified...
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084c.1898, Grandfather Peter Gesellchen
21 June 2020, 00:27
Mary Lorang’s father. Peter moved to Genesee when his wife Gertrud passed away in 1890. Grandpa...
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0851898 Thomas Lorang
27 May 2020, 20:33
Photo by John Lorang. Thomas Lorang, John’s younger brother took the first photograph of Genesee.
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086Harvesting in 1898
27 May 2020, 21:14
Photo by John Lorang. Notice the man in the Civil War cap at left and the man on stilts? in the center.
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087Barn 1898
27 May 2020, 21:38
Photo by John Lorang in 1910.
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088Harvesting in 1898
27 May 2020, 21:46
Photo by John Lorang.
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090Anna Gesellchen Lorang & Theodore Lorang
27 May 2020, 00:07
Theodore worked with his younger brother John Lorang until 1900. Then Ted, as they called him, moved...
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1900 Lorang and Gesellchen Family
08 June 2020, 20:02
Children gather around Grandpa Gesellchen. John Lorang is looking from behind, standing at the steps....
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1903 John & Mary Lorang family
26 May 2020, 16:44
This photograph was taken when the family was living in the 1884 Homestead. Before the new 1904 section...
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1903, Ten Children
27 May 2020, 00:59
L-R: Charles, Viola, Martha, Bertha, Amalia (Mollie), Christine, Albert, Henry, Barney and Peter.
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