Photos for 1926-1968. Used to match photo posts to photo gallery pages.

1945, Bob Lorang

Army Air Force photo. Bob love to fly and he was extremely happy to finally get his wings. But Christmas 1945 was his last visit home. Lost in the Sea of Japan May 16, 1946, leaving wife Chris and his baby daughter Lynne.

1943, Combine in the Field

Photo by Henry Lorang. Henry did what he could to work the fields while both Bob and Jim were in the service. John and Joan and hired hands helped as best they could with an old combine that was just purchased, built in the 1930’s.

1927, Mary Lorang and Mary Dahm

When John and Mary Lorang first arrived in the West, they rented a cabin in Colton, WA in 1884. Here they shared the cabin with Mary and Sebastian Dahm. Both women were pregnant at the time. Here they are again in 1927; remaining life long friends.