7601940, Rural Electrification

John Lorang had set up his own generator in 1920. He wired the Farmhouse, Log cabin, Curio cabin, Blacksmith Shop, Woodshed and Barn, but it was difficult to maintain. When John passed away in 1926, Henry went back to using kerosene lamps until 1935, when Rural Electricfication came to Genesee. Martha Lorang writes in her journal, “Our house was heated by wood stoves, a kitchen range, and a heater in the living room, and dad and mother had a heating stove in their bedroom. Mother would heat bricks which we would wrap in heavy cloths, and put them in our beds to warm them. Our light was kerosene lamps for years. We even used the lamp shades to heat our curling irons – by putting them in the shade for a time. Later on we put in gas, which was put in the ceiling. It had a mantle which was cloth over the spigot to be lighted. We had a tank upstairs that we pumped up to keep the lights burning. Pretty nice light too. Later dad put in electric lights by buying his own electrical system. It was called Western Electric. Dan had to run an engine frequently to generate electricity. It was good light but a lot of work and worry for dad. ”